Autore: Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac

Anno: 2020

Denying climate change is tentamount to saying you don’t believe in gravity, it should be of concern to all who care about health. The burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gas emissions and pollutes the local ambient air with particulate matter. Superstorms, cyclones, wildfires, droughts and floods everywhere give us ample evidence of climate change, and those disasters will increase in frequency, scale, and location. We cannot deny or ignore it any longer.

This book is subdivided in 3 chapters, the first one describes 2 possible scenarios: The increasing heat of Earth through pollution or The Paris Agreement. The second one gives us an example of 3 different mindsets and how to think. The last one lists 10 actions to do to improve climate situation and what we can do in our own.

“The Future We Choose presents what we must do to protect our shared future – your own, and that of everyone on this planet”

Leonardo Di Caprio

“This is one of the most inspiring book i have ever read. I hope we will all take this message to hear”

Yuval Noah Harari

Heartbreakingly, people will die as a result of climate change, land that people live on will become uninhabitable, and species will continue to become extinct.

In the end, we are not going to solve this problem by hoping that our democratic systems produce enlightened leadership. We must all embrace a strong vision of a better future.

Classificazione: 5 su 5.

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